Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Holocaust? Is just another "myth"....
War on Iran? Just another US rhetoric strategy....

Itu tegas Ahmadinejad dalam ucapannya dihadapan pelajar Columbia University.

Rakyat Amerika ramai membantah kedatangan Ahmadinejad ke New York.

Mereka menyifatkannya sebagai Hitler moden.

Ahmadinejad berada di New York sempena menghadiri Sidang Kemuncak Pertubuhan Bangsa Bersatu, PBB.

Even though there is no diplomatic relation between US and Iran, Ahmadinejad stand his opinion and belief in front of capitalist people.

Menariknya, i like the way he said on rumours there's gona be another war? US attack Iran?
antara faktor mengapa retorik AS, Iran akan diserang iaitu

1. coz of anger, terhadap kelantangan Iran menyuarakan pendirian.
2. gentar terhadap isu nuklear.
3. Cuba mengalihkan pandangan dunia terhadap kegagalan dasar AS di Iraq.

Ahmadinejad secara sinis hentam Israel.

Rakyat Amerika ramai membantah kedatangan Ahmadinejad ke New York.

Mereka menyifatkannya sebagai Hitler moden.

We have to understand, Ahmadinejad hentam regim Israel bukan dia hentam yahudi.

Islam dan Yahudi di Iran tidak menunjukkan sebarang pergolakan.

Ahmadinejad cuma marah kepada tindakan Zionis ke atas Palestin.

but for me, retorik US itu perlu dilihat secara tersirat.

US sebuah negara kapitalis yang berlandaskan dasar pertahanan yang kuat.

Dasar pertahanan membantu meningkatkan ekonomi mereka.

bak kata orang Kedah, Pi perang baru boleh kaya!

Tapi itulah realitinya, jika kita melihat ketika ekonomi dunia mengalami kemerosotan pada 2001, dan ketika itulah Amerika melancarkan serangan keatas Afghanistan.

After that, their economy meningkat. They achieved ZERO percent unemployment.

However in this case, I think perang ke atas Iran tidak akan berlaku kerana faktor ekonomi dunia dan persepsi dunia terhadap AS menjadi antara faktor utama perang tidak akan berlaku.

Nuclear Iran? Bush again to gain popularity after his failure in Iraq....

till then bye bye.


shafizanjohari said...

ramai gak Americans yg suka kat cik Ahmad tuh...especially yg attended his speech kat Columbia University. Ingat tak, yg dia kata kat Iran x ada gay??!!!! tipu je tuh...aku ada tengok special report kat al-jazeera, depa ada kat sana.!! so .... that means, pak ahmad ni pun bukan betul sangat. tapi yg syok dgn pak ahmad ni, dia ni berani cam che det!!

Ashwad said...

gay is penetrating the world....
cuma cik ahmad ni takdak kawan yang gay friendly ....hahahah

shafizanjohari said...

hang pi la berkawan dgn dia!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is rather an interesting out-look on the Iran-States relationship, but there are certain aspects of which i'd beg to differ. First and foremost i'd like to state that i'm not a fan of Ahmadinejad, nor am i of Bush, or any of the Republicans for that matter.

I should say that if the way to describe staunch anti-semiticism is as being relative to Hitler, or Hitler-like, then I'd agree that Ahmadinejad should be described as such. But then it is also interesting to note that the former PM Mahathir Mohamad was also to a certain degree known in the international world as an anti-semite, but curiously the media spared him the Hitler title.
Another thing is the fact of a Nuclear Iran being opposed by the States and EU, and of course Israel. Having expressed dangerous provoking remarks against the sovereignty of Israel, Ahmadinejad should have known better. And personally I think it is also curiously moving, the fact that Iran is so adamant in building Nuclear facilities WITH international economical sanctions when it is not particularly necessasary for the oil-rich state.

And yes I am unfortunately one of the supporter of the war in Iran and Afghanistan and i'd disagree w what u said as the war would somehow regenerate revenue for the US. In the midst of current economical turmoil we came to know that the US had spent approx. USD3trillion in Iraq for various purposes. War is not economical, especially in modern times. One of the famous would be how the British Empire as a unitary super-state under one Imperial Crown and Government systematically disentegrated after WWI, and further after WWII eventhough they ended with British success.

And wouldnt you agree, the current world-wide recession, stemmed from American economical failure is in a way a direct result of Afghanistan and Iraq? 3trillion cld've been better spent for the country; the idea shared by most americans. But then without the war, Taleban wld still be in power, and Iraq wldn't have had a democratic government.

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