Sunday, January 11, 2009

War on Gaza

Israel’s War Stop Soon

Tel Aviv will stop its incursions on Palestinian territory very soon.

This unprecedented attack by air, land and sea shows how strong 4th Best Military complexes Regime is.

So called ‘Third Phase’ or final attack by Israelis Army IDF is actually has taken place few days back.

Why Olmert’s Administration will stop the war very soon:

1. Firstly, according to polls 89 % Israelis agree on the incursions on Hamas, (enough support for Feb 10 election).
2. War on Gaza is a platform for Kadima leader, Tzipi Livni to show her tough stance on so called Palestinian terrorist.
3. Israel also hopes that the vast havoc and destruction and death wreaked on Gaza so far would prompt the masses to blame Hamas.

The implication on Israel’s new Govt:

Public support for Hamas will increase as a result of the present Israeli campaign in the Gaza Strip

Being politically correct, Olmert of Israel remain strongly back its old scripted justified act based on article 51 UN Charter.

“right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain inter- national peace and security”

We Muslim, have no choice except to unite against this massacre.

This is war against humanity.

Israel's war on Gaza has left more than nearly 1000 Palestinians dead - nearly a third of them women and children - and more than 4k injured.


shafizanjohari said...

Gaza, gaza.

alerts said...

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erma fatiha said...

Allah Maha Penolong

lepas konvoi nnti,boleh terus menulis dengan pengalaman2 yang cukup tragis bersama israel right?

Moga selamat

M!dOri said...
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