Saturday, June 14, 2008

Putting The System Right?

Putting The System Right?

Guy A :" Jaket tu menarik la"
Guy B :" No way I'm gonna wear that jacket, merah menyala"
Guy C :" Betoi, jangan wei....nantikan apa orang kata"
Guy D :" Takut tak sesuai ngan kita"

We knew freedom needed to be spread to everyone. What is that? Democracy.

We, ourselves know what's the best for us...

People will keep saying this and that...

Suggest this and that....

It travels across Malay Archipelago.

Mungkin pada alifnya, sudah menjadi lumrah dunia melayu.

First bullet, takut buat salah.

Second bullet, takut kritikan orang.

If you can penetrate both factor, you on the right path to your goal.

Come on, nothing will end in a fiasco. We must applied sun tsu art of war in our life.

We put it this way.... your fear is your biggest enemy....

Therefore, attack your enemy before demoralization process started.

Kadang-kala itu kita terlupa, pilihan yang dibuat lebih bijak dari pemikiran kita.

Analisis Tun Dr Mahathir dalam Malay Dilemma, "subconscious mind kita lemah".


mufid suhaimi said...

satu analisis yg kritis.. and it comes from a 22 year old malaysian malay. memang wa kagum! keep on writing ashwad...

splendid said...

Although we have differences in culture, but do not want is that this view is the same and I like that!
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